Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Airiel en Lima 1 de Septiembre 2007

El Primero de Septiembre se presenta la banda Airiel desde Chicago en la Noche de Barranco.

Sabado 1ero de Setiembre en La Noche de Barranco
Hora: 10PM. Entrada: US$20
Invitados: Resplandor
Entrada: Airiel + Loveliescrishing US$35 hasta el 30 de Agosto

Libreria Contracultura : Av. Larco 986, Miraflores
Aghhh Music Galerias Brasil: Av. Brasil 1275 stands 31B y 59B
C.C. La Noche: Av. Bolognesi 307, Barranco
Rivasmar: Schell 385, Miraflores
Trance Records: Galerias Brasil 1275, stand 39B
Lady La Loca : C.C: Polvos Azules, Psje 17 tda 25

Mas información sobre Airiel en o

Formed in '97 by Jeremy Wrenn, it was initially a solo project supported by various drum machines. However, he had dreams of entertaining the masses located outside of the confines of his bedroom, so he drafted local music scene veterans Cory Osborne and John Rungger on bass and drums. But the heady mélange was not completed until guitarist Chris De Brizzio entered the fray.

Many bands today are an exercise in minimalism, stripping everything down to the bone and sinew. Airiel takes a different approach. Injecting their well-crafted songs with enough effects to level a small village, they stretch and expand the sonic boundaries of the genre until the listener is completely deluged by an aural wave of reverb, distortion and sweat. They are advancing the art of sheer sonic energy while utilizing the power of a good melody to provide a basis for the effects, never forgetting the innate human desire to shake one’s ass. In short, it’s loud, it’s beautiful, and you can dance to it.

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